Landing Page Strategy: How to Get More Leads in 3 Steps


One of the great things about the web is that it’s always changing. There is an avalanche of information on optimizing landing pages. Having a strategy to optimization pages that are collecting leads or selling products is important because 78% of website leads come from landing pages(16). Basically this means that if you are running a business with a web presence, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table by not effectively generating leads through a landing page.

Making foundational changes to landing pages can have a huge impact on your business.

35+ Sources: Surviving the avalanche of information overload

landing page sourced pie graphWith this article I wanted to surface the most valuable and actionable information on landing pages. With so much information, I thought it was important to cite my sources and share resources, so I have cited more than 35 sources (of course, in addition to my own experience).

Source Break Down
landing page source key for infographic


#1 – Creating a great landing page

Two types of landing pages.

1 One type is for e-commerce, where you drive customers to buy products or services; the goal on these pages is click-through.

2 The second type is a lead-generation page where you gather visitors’ information, and normally trade something of value.

A landing page should not just be another page on your website. You should specifically build and optimize a page for a single goal. If you are working on a website platform like WordPress, there are many tools that will aid in the creation of a landing page.


The Layout: 7 elements you need on your landing page

How to Layout a Landing Page StrategyWhen laying out a page, you should add items geared towards driving and supporting increased conversion rate.

1 Branding & Navigation Show the branding but remove
the navigation; this helps to remove distractions.
2 Interesting Visual Visitors should be able to
see your product or a real photo of someone using it.

3Message It should match your campaign and tell visitors
they are at the right place.
4 A Simple Form If you are generating leads,
you want your lead form to be as minimal as possible.
5 Video This can increase your conversion rate by up to
80%(27), and is worth testing.
6 Social Proof It’s important, as it builds your credibility.
7 Shareable If sharing is easy, it’s more likely to happen.



5 Simple Optimization Techniques

Seeing all the parts to a landing page is important. It will hopefully highlight missing areas on your page. Or, if you didn’t have one, maybe seeing it all come together will inspire you to develop some. With this in mind, we can look at some basic ways to improve and leverage the elements on the page. The layout consists of the elements that should be on your landing page. Below are some guidelines for adding those elements to your page.


1 Use clear titles and a layout that conveys your offer and incentive quickly.
Speed is your friend and visitors are impatient; 79% of users scan a page rather than reading it(38).


2 Keep your visitors focused on filling out the form, and remove distractions, which means things like the main navigation can be removed from the landing page. If you use a photo, have it visually direct users to your form.(6, 15)

3In general, more fields on a form means more barrier to entry.


4It’s import to remember visitors to your landing page are real people and you need to give them something that is of actual value; there is no room for fluff. If you want someone to give you their information, provide them with something worthwhile.


5Trust is key. Good design, easy-to-understand offerings, and testimonials from others all build trust. It’s a lot easier to sign up for an email list or buy a product if you trust the content on a website.


#2 – Testing

The not-so-secret secret weapon of optimization.

Optimization is a key part of any effective landing page strategy. Optimization is not something you can get; it is a process of refinement. You have a unique context with your audience and web presence, and by testing how visitors use your landing page to better understand them, you can then use these insights to continually optimize your landing page. The tools for testing are no longer expensive and you can even test with no tools! (40)

Your testing doesn’t have to be perfect to be effective! Just testing to seeing if what you have built resonated with visitors can be huge.

… [we] recorded 5-minutes of a real person using an e-commerce site and was able to raise cart completion by 13-percent. It only takes a few minutes to solve customer problems if you are willing to let go of your ego about the site and hold the customer sacred above all else.(39)

Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg | Bryan & Jeffery Eisenberg & Associates

Testing has been proven to be the best way to improve your landing page past the foundations(3). With new tools on the market, you don’t have to be a programmers to implement your tests!

Great Resources for Testing

crazy egg testing website logo testing website logooptimizely testing website logogoogle analytics testing website user testing logo






#3 – The Power of Conversion

Why are we doing this? Is it worth the effort?

These are all questions we can easily answer and that you should answer.
Not tracking your efforts is like not knowing how many products you sold, except it’s worse because you could have sold them and didn’t!

Simple testing success story – increasing conversion by 52%.

For one of the Internet companies I work with, we used optimizely to test copy or text for an on-site promotion. The conversion rate went from 3.3% to 5.1%. One design improved click-through rate by 52%!

How important is conversion rate? – Very!

We increased conversion by 2%. This may not seem like a lot, but practically this means instead of 24 visitors signing up, we had 37. That is 13 more visitors, or 52% more without having to get more traffic!

testing small changes for big insights and infographic



Strategic Path to Landing Page Success

landing page strategy path

It’s that simple. Build a landing page with key elements. Test your layouts to find what works best. Optimize the page for your specific audience and context.

Please share successes and insights with others in the comments!

If you found this useful share with others!

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