Do you feel overwhelmed by trying to get your website found and ranked by search engines?  It’s hard to know where to start with so much content and mystery around search engine optimization (SEO). Often, this means that no action is taken or old tactics are used or over used.  If this sounds like how you have been dealing with SEO, it could be hurting your search rankings and traffic more then helping.

So how can you make sure you’re taking the right steps towards increasing search engine rankings and getting more traffic? Well, you’ll first have to learn a few SEO basics and how to implement them on your website… here’s where to start:


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Social Mobile Local

With change comes challenge and opportunity.

As we see the internet has brought about great new ways to learn about, discover and review products and services. Well many businesses are feeling the growing pains and some are dying, there is still a great opportunity to engage customers where they are.

As the infographic points out, mobile purchase conversion rates are low, however social and mobile access is heavily influencing in-store and online purchasing.


Is the ‘Making the most of the opportunity‘ section of this infographic helpful or does it seem more like fantasy?

Is there a difference for Retailers that are reselling verse custom services and products?

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The internet has been revolutionary for our culture. Yet, it seems that this revolution has left many businesses untouched. Many have a website, but it has not transformed their business. So, how do you build a website that is part of this revolution, a website that transforms your business?

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I am amazed every time I walk into a grocery store.

It’s a triumph of the human brain that we can both navigate and actually find what we are looking for. The cereal aisle is always a wonder; it’s 50 feet long, 4 or 5 shelves high, and packed shoulder-to-shoulder with 100+ kinds of cereal. Who could ever need so many options of hard crunchy bits? If you don’t know what you want, it can be dizzying trying to find out.

In the same way, if your website confronts visitors with piles of links, buttons, and images, visitors will wander around hoping to stumble upon what they need. Or, they’ll leave your website feeling confused.

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1. Lift Off To The Future!

What’s hard has changed. It’s now easy to make a build an idea, get a design, and create a social profile. I should know–I have made a living selling these things. There is now more information than ever about these items, and especially how they connect to business. What’s hard is finding people who care, seeing the dots connect, and the art of doing. Knowledge and how-to’s are not lacking, so why is it so difficult for businesses to create products with data in a way that resonates with their audience? Because it is not enough to copy what others are doing — we need to see the future. We need to care about it and execute with art.

I am launching this site because I believe there are a lot of companies and products that could be great yet don’t reflect their real-world goodness into their products. Building a better mirror and leveraging technology innovations to grow is paramount to making these things happen.

I also wanted a way to communicate with and get feedback from my peers, clients, and friends, in order to answer questions and share insights. I also want a place to archive thoughts and ideas.

That’s where this site comes into play.

The goal here is not to build an email list or gather followers. I will take 10 real conversations with real leaders over having 5,000 followers I don’t know and I will never meet.


2. Unafraid To Share

There are far more people I can connect with around ideas than I will ever be able to work with. I have no problem giving away my how-to’s and ideas, knowing the how-to is only part of what is required for success. I will share my knowledge here and the art will happen in context and when we have conversations. 


3. Content Without Delay

When I first launched the site I put together some content to kickoff things off: quick-hit tools and knowledge that focused on making your web presences more effective now. Since there the focus has shifted away from web presence to products and technology more broadly.
- Landing Page Strategy: How to Get More Leads in 3 Steps.
- 4 Ways to Measure The Value of Social Media.

4. What Resonates?

As what resonates comes to the surface I’ll follow that thread and share more of that content.

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Setting up google analytics is very easy.

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Social media has gone mainstream and, with the maturing of the industry, a number of companies have started investing in research. Now, medium-sized businesses, smaller shops, and directors of all companies can have access to this kind of research.(5)

One of the biggest advancements in social media is both the ability to measure success and to understand the value of applying social media to a business. So how do you create a balanced social media scorecard which you can use to create better social business objectives? How can we understand business value when pay-per-click doesn’t make sense?

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One of the great things about the web is that it’s always changing. There is an avalanche of information on optimizing landing pages. Having a strategy to optimization pages that are collecting leads or selling products is important because 78% of website leads come from landing pages(16). Basically this means that if you are running a business with a web presence, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table by not effectively generating leads through a landing page.

Making foundational changes to landing pages can have a huge impact on your business.

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The Boom Bust Cycle

The boom bust cycle’s how most companies operate their website. And basically, what happens is a company realizes that their website’s broken or not working. So they decide it’s time to invest a bunch of money and get some new features or a full redesign. At which point the website launches and everyone’s happy. After this period of time, the website slowly deteriorates because no one’s responsible for the content and we’re not doing anything with it anyways. It’s then realized by someone else that the website seems old or out of date or it’s just not working. So once again, you invest.

And this is the cycle that most companies go through. It’s boom, bust, boom, bust. So what’s a better way to operate? Well, a much better way to operate is to launch your website knowing that it needs to grow.

So how do you do that?

1Know who’s responsible for the content.

2Have a way to measure success

3Know what goals you’re trying to reach.

That’s the boom bust cycle.



The ways in which search engines rank and value your site’s content has changed significantly. This infographic from FuzzOne compares the old methods vs. the new reality of how traffic reaches your site.

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